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In 2023, Pakistan will host the

International Young Physicist


Led by Dr. Farida Tahir, Department of Physics, Islamabad Comsats University, Islamabad Campus and Mr. Tahir Hussain Khan, UMS Chief Coordinator, Islamabad Comsats University, the Pakistan Team organized the 34th International Tournament of Young Physicists (IYPT) at the International University of Kotisi). He got into, Cottsy, Georgia.

Pakistan competed in the research-based tournament known as the Physics World Cup for the fifth time in a row. Dr. Farida Tahir, a research faculty member at COMSATS University Islamabad, has been directing efforts to train young Pakistani science students to compete in this international physics tournament since 2016.

Each country may send one team to IYPT, consisting of five high school students aged 14 to 19. Each team consists of 5 persons and conducts research on 17 open-ended questions for about a year. In a 12-minute presentation, the teams summarise their study on each subject.

In one round of the Physics Fight, each team must play three roles at the same time: Reporter, Opponent, and Reviewer. As a reporter, the team must deliver their study in 12 minutes. At the end of the report, the opposing team questions the reporter team about the study.

The reporter and opponents then have a dialogue. When the debate is finished, the third team, the Reviewer, will question both the Reporter and the Opponent. The Reviewer team then closes by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of the Reporter and Opponent teams’ methodologies, as well as making recommendations for further research.

The teams are then graded by a jury after a 5-minute round of questions. Students learn time management, the art of scientific conversation, tolerating errors and scientific oversights, eloquence, and many other abilities in addition to addressing research challenges.

The idea for the IYPT came from the former Soviet Union. After a tournament of this type had been held there for some time, the first international IYPT was held in 1988. Following the demise of the Soviet Union,

The IYPT was also held in other European countries, with the number of countries participating steadily increasing. For the first time outside of Europe, the IYPT was held in Brisbane in 2004. (Australia).

This year, Pakistan also won the bid to host this Mega Event in 2023, which is projected to draw over 300 attendees from over 25 nations.

The IYPT will be a fantastic chance for science diplomacy, as overseas participants will not only be exposed to Pakistan’s vast scientific expertise, but will also aid to expand cultural knowledge of Pakistan.

Dr. Farida Tahir expressed her hope that public sector organisations will recognise the significance of such international events and promote healthy activities that disseminate science and develop talent in basic sciences.


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