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Sim Information System (SIMS) – How

to Check SIMS on CNIC

Through CNIC, PTA has made it simple to check the number of SIMS. Even so, some people are unaware, and if you know how to find out the number of sims registered against CNIC, please let us know. So that’s fantastic. Don’t worry if you don’t know because we’re going to talk about verifying Sims from CNIC in this article.

Smartphones have become more accessible to the general public in Pakistan with the introduction of cellular phones, thanks to price reductions.

Those who wished to abuse it began abusing the technology, which led to unlawful acts such as terrorist attacks. Will be linked to an unregistered SIM card.

PTA created the SIM information system to address these challenges. This method is set up so that customers can monitor the amount of active Sims in their name online from the comfort of their own homes.

You can easily stop it if the number of SIM cards issued against your CNIC is more than you think or if you believe I did not take the SIM card.

All of these individuals should be aware that the Pakistani telecommunications authorities is pursuing those whose Sims are being used illegally. As a result, all Pakistanis should double-check the information about sims on their ID cards.

How to Examine SIMS on a CNIC

Checking the number of sims against CNIC can be done in two ways.

On the internet with a webpage

Sending an SMS when offline

To monitor the number of Sims online, go to the ( website, which requires internet access. The second option is to send an SMS to 668, so let us go over each one in detail.

SIMS can be found on CNIC’s website.

Go to to access the SIM information system, and then follow the instructions below.

Select the CNIC menu at the top of the screen.
Fill in the box with your CNIC number.
Please confirm that I am not a robot.

Submit the form by clicking the Submit button.

SIMS can be checked through SMS.

To get the number of sims on your CNIC number through SMS, send it to 668 (charges Rs. 1.20). You’ll get the numbers for all networks on your ID card number.

It is compatible with all networks, including Jazz/Warid, Telenor Ufone, and Zong.

What is Sim Cloning and how does it work? Important Reminders

The process of copying a SIM card is known as SIM cloning. For example, a SIM card is created by transmitting identity information from one SIM to another. This cloned SIM card can be used on a different person’s phone. And the charges for each type of cloning are applied to the original SIM card.

In such circumstances, thieves utilise cloned SIM cards to carry out illicit acts under the guise of someone else’s identification.

In this instance, the SIM owner may discover that if someone receives a call from your number that you did not receive, the existing sim company should be contacted immediately, and the unlawfully operating cloning sim should be reported to the authorities.

Use PTA’s Biometric Verified SIMS.

PTA introduces a biometric verification system to track caller phones and prevent the unlawful usage of mobile phones, as well as SIM card fraud.

Users of biometric verification SIM cards will benefit from this approach, as we will explain below.

1. It is possible to re-verify your SIM card.
2. Another CNIC can be used to register your SIM card with your ID card number.         That is, you have the ability to shift ownership.
3. If the first SIM card is lost, the same phone number can be used to purchase a         replica SIM card.

How to get your SIM card biometrically verified

It’s critical that you double-check that your SIM card isn’t blocked, and that you’re using a Sim that PTA recognises.

As a result, before ordering a biometrically confirmed SIM from PTI, you must first determine whether the SIM is in your name.

Examine the SIM Owner’s Name.

There is a different way to check the name of the owner of all networks in Pakistan, including Jazz/Warid, Telenor, Ufone, and Zong. Which we’ll go through separately below.

Telenor and jazz

To obtain ownership information, write MNP and send MNP to 667. The cost of sending an SMS will be Rs. 2.39.


Send “YOU” to 7911 to check if a ZONG number belongs to you. SMS is free.


Sending a blank SMS to 696 will authenticate ownership of the Ufone number. Per SMS, a fee of Re. 0.26 plus tax will be levied. Within 5 minutes, you will receive a response.

How to Block a SIM Card on a CNIC

If you have a SIM card that you don’t use, it’s best if you don’t have to be accountable for it. Blocking the extra sim in your name is one of the finest ways to achieve this.

To do so, go to your SIM-related company’s nearest franchise or call a representative on the helpline. whose numbers can be found below.

Name of the company and the number to call

JAZZ 111
Telenor 345
Zong 310

Ufone 333

On a single CNIC, how many SIMS can be registered?

The most common question is how many SIMS can be registered on the CNIC. We’d like to remind you that a single person can only register a total of 5 SIMS on their CNIC or name.

Note that you are using SIm in an unregistered, illegal, or fictitious name. Then proceed with caution. And you’ll be able to solve it.


The relevant information about SIm information and biometric verification from PTA has been provided with you. We also explained how to verify SIMS on your CNIC. Also, if you find this material useful, please share it with your family and friends.

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